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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

bhojpuri songs and videos upload links

A set of eight video clips on bhjopur bhakti songs on thakurji

has been uploaded and the links are given below. It is hoped that

viewers will listen and enjoy bliss of thakurji.  

Links also given for MP3  songs 

video links on youtube 

admimey itna johor bhor goi (bhojpuri clip on thakurji) 

satnamkey kor bhakti (bhojpuri clip on thakurji) 

Deogharmey aini kortar (bhojpuri clip on thakurji) 

bina satnamkey ba na guzara (bhojpuri clip on thakurji)  

deeksha jeevkey kaal ho goiyl (bhojpuri clip on thakurji)  

satyasey alog bhoyl (bhojpuri clip on thakurji) 

roz roz kanchey nindey (bhojpuri clip on thakurji) 

hey thakur paramdayal (bhojpuri clip on thakurji) 


Mp3 uploads of bhojpuri songs 

satnamkey kor bhakti 

roz roz kinchey nindey 

hey thakur paramdayal 

jo satyasey alag voil 

Deogharmeyn ainey kortar 

deeksha jeevkey kal ho goil  

bina satnamkey na guzara 

admimey itna johor bhar goi 


common link for all above songs in folder bhojpuri bhakti songs     


Rahul said...

nice videos

sabkush said...

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