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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Shri Shri Thakur on "Brahman"

Following received from Sthiti Dasgupta, an ardent devotee of Shri shri Thakur --
Lord Krishna says, "The supreme indestructible is Brahman" Bhagvad Gita, sloka no.3 ch.8. Sri Sri Thakur views that the word Brahman has been derived from the root word "Brinh" which means "Expansion"(Briddhi) or "Effulgence"(deepti) that is Brahma=Brinha(Briddhi, Deepti) +man(karttari) ref .bagartha Deepika, pgno.108 . As per this analysis, Sri Sri Thakur defines "Brahman" in the following terms: that which being developed and becoming everything, yet remains the same, is Brahman "ref. Satyanusaran, Eng Version. he also says "Brahman" as" Brihat bhava samanwita briddhiparata saha aadi karana" or otherwise "Biswasristika adi upadana "Ref. bagartha deepika.
Hence it is now clear that "Brahman" is the common factor which is manifested in all living entities(living and non living) as there base. It is due to the presence of brahman that each individual has the ability to respond, react and perpetuate with an uphill move towards becoming.. It is not the Varna as we all know. Whom we call Brahman are only "Vipras".

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