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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Video clips on Lord Ramakrishna's life

A set of 10 video clips are uploaded on Lord Ramakrishna,
the great man of this era
and links are given below
lord ramakrishna a prophet was born
lord ramakrishna - the childhood at kamarpukur
lord ramakrishna - few places visited during his early days
lord ramakrishna(gadadhar) being brought to kolkata by his brother Shri Ramkumar
Lord Ramakrishna - rani rashmoni and construction of Dakshineswar temple
lord ramakrishna installed as prist of dakshineswar temple
Ramakrishna lila part I thakur with kali and rashmoni
ramakrishna lila part II taka mati mati taka
ramakrishna lila part III thakur with keshav sen
ramakrshnadev the last journey and reincarnation

1 comment:

Mohan said...

Nice videos, but i don't know Bengali, so could not understand some videos conversation.

Is this a TV serial or a movie.

Where can i get the English version.

warm regards,