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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Innovative Definations Given by Shri Shri Thakur

Innovative Definition by Sri Sri Thakur Anukulchandra

Sri Sri Thakur Anukulchandra has defined many terms in a very

Innovative Way often going to the root of the words and explaining

the meaning in a lucid manner. Some of these words are presented

here alphabetically. The readers are requested if you have any

collection of Sri Sri Thakur's definition please add in this list

and post it in the message section. Jaiguru….



Accident - Accident is the acumen of ignorance.

Adjust - Add yourself after enquiry of the just or add + to the just

Agriculture - The aggregate of all culture is Agriculture.

Arya - Arya is – to go, to cultivate, to achieve.

Association - Association is the normal goad of character and of

interest in good

or evil and man selects association according to his


Avatar - He who imparts, manages and elongates existential becoming

is normally an Avatar.

Behave - Be to Have.

Brahma - That which being developed and becoming everything, yet

remains the same is Brahma.

Bhava - the condition of a person's whole being at a given time with

some element or elements prominent. Sri Sri Thakur also

referred to `bhava" as `thought bubble'.

Carelessness - That's which caresses sufferings.

Chance - Chance is the chosen performance of acquisition.

Charity - The endearing knock of affection that serves with the

interest of others well being with a feeling of one's own

self is Charity.

Chaste - He whose mind is filled with attachment for one, or the

Truth is honest or Chaste.

Chastity - Chastity is the chastising control of a nation which

makes the people revere honesty.

Communism - To be gathered with One, the Advent, the Lead, in fact

is Communism - as I think.

Community - People of similar special specializations inter-

interested serving one another to the best of their

interest to fulfill a common principle with every

glaring aptitude evolve into a Community.

Commonsense - Come in one with the senses.

Compassion - To resonate with the feelings of others is Compassion.

Compassion - Compassion is the thoroughfare of intelligence.

Concentric - Con + Centric, to be with the Centre.

Conscience - The knowledge - that glows by coming in contact with

any object with the sensation of impulses which

radiates through one's senses,with a favorable or

unfavorable reminiscence may be called Conscience.

Death - Death is the debt stock of existential propitious


Deficiency - Deficiency is the dead lock of Progress.

Democracy - Democracy is the sirenic display of autocratic device in

the name of people.

Dhyan - To remain engaged in any single thought and to feel that

which distracts but cannot break our continuity is Dhyan or


Diary - Diary is the dairy of experience.

Diplomacy - Diverging move to achieve the fulfillment of interests

of the principle is Diplomacy.

Dishonesty - Thou, the wreck that leads all to end.

Economy - To manage the go of life with every progressive step is


Emotion - Emotion means that by which anything is set in motion.

Fact - Fact is the ever embedded in the lap of law.

Fate - Effect of move and activities, which dissipate in the

environment transforming them in their transits – and

eventually reverting in one's own self from beyond the range

of one's knowledge is Fate.

Feeling - Feeling is the embodied indication of physiological


Finite - That to conceive which the mind retains its being is Finite.

Flow - The messenger of faultiness is Flow.

Freedom - To be free, first make thy dome of existence free in all

respects with the laws of existential upkeep; then freedom

will make every individual with Freedom.

Freedom - Preedom, Pree means to please the beloved, Dom means house.

Foppish - Capricious, Whimsical.

Go-between - defines "go-between" as that act which "goes between"

our promised and or intended act and thus interferes

with the successful completion of what we had in mind.

Good - What gathers for existential welfare with meaningful

adjustment exalting being into becoming is Good.

Grace - Proper progressive move of impetus somehow or other is Grace.

Grammar - Grammar is the meaningful graph of Language that leads to

its intent.

Habit - Have it.

Holiness - To adhere the mind thoroughly to the Ideal is called


Ideal - An object with impulses thereof carried through the seeing

of one which promotes the being towards perfection is one's


Independence - A progressing inter dependence among individuals is


Independent - Inter Dependent.

Infinite - That to conceive which the mind loses itself is Infinite.

Insanity - Incoherent interlink of brain-functions invokes Insanity.

Inspiration - Holy idea of commandment of Love that absolves one

with the knowledge that illuminates one's being and

becoming with the loftier move is Inspiration.

Istabhriti - the daily sacred oblation to our Lord before taking any

food is `Istabhriti'.

Japa - Repetition of God's Name, the Holy Name is Japa.

Jajan - Exalting oneself with pious worship of the Ideal.

Jaajan - Infusing the Ideal into the environment is Jaajan.


Exalting and uplifting the environment with "Pious Worship

of the Ideal".


Jaajan means, by communicating and setting in motion Ideal-

centeredness in people's hearts with words, service,

sympathy and so on, to do that by which they become

uplifted in their daily life by fulfilling the principles

of life and growth.

Judgment - The decision by which the inner cause is made to blossom

is real Judgment.

Justice - Apt, equitable decision in any affair is Justice.

Holiness - To adhere the mind thoroughly to the Ideal is called


Law - That which is laid in nature is Law.

Liberty - Co-operative inter dependent serviceable run of life is


Love - Love is Lore and leaven of life and bliss.

Magic - Magic is to create miracles adjusting the circumstances to

show mirage of false impression in brain with its so called

rational support of misleading facts.

Mantra - The literal meaning of "Mantra" is "that which rescues the


Mathematics - The methodical application of the matter is


Meaning - Meaning is the manhole of entrance to discern.

Miracle - Miracle is the mirage of ignorance.

Misery - Carelessness is the falcon of Misery.

Mistake - Mis to take.

Misrepresentation - Misrepresentation is the sister friend of


Mutation - Mutation is the offspring of eager attempt.

Nation - Tat born out of the achieved instinct of equal creed and

culture – being interested to fulfill the same – with a

normal loving interest is a Nation as I mean.

Palmistry - Language and writing of destiny is Palmistry.

Penance - The process which makes man thirsty and hungry for

betterment is Penance.

Performance - means surmounting obstacles and fulfilling the

purpose ; by that action achieve a blissful life.

Prarabdha - Results of actions of previous births which have started

taking effect—this is what is fated.

Prema - The supreme form of love for the Divine is Prema.

Politics - That which protects nurtures and fulfills the uphold of

existence is Politics.

Pope - He who follows Christ and acts with all his senses is a man

with allegiance to Christ and who owes this allegiance to Him

is a Pope normally, though he has no greed for it and he is

the Father because through his love for Christ, he loves all

the people and shows all of Christ in them.

Power - Power is to provide one with existential propitiousness

resisting evil.

Priest - A Priest is a plot of the welfare of people both

individually and collectively.

Punctuation - Punctuation pronounces the affair in its descriptive


Race - Species that evolves from similar stock of environment with

the traditions and instincts comes out and moves thereon

protecting its normal line of descent with familiar

specialties – I think it is a Race.

Real - That which exists and has expansion is Real.

Reason - That analysis which determines the real form of the object

aimed at is Reason.

Repentance - The painful feeling that arises from a judgment of the

merits and demerits of a completed act and causes

abstention from evil is Repentance.

Rishi - Those who are satisfied with meaningful solution through

meditating observation are Rishis, Sage or Seers.

Salvation - The solving and untying of knots of the mind so that

they become meaningful in One is Salvation.

Samadhi - When the mind is absorbed completely in conceiving

anything thoroughly it is called deep meditation or



Complete absorption of the mind in conceiving something

thoroughly is Samadhi.

Seer - He who can discern the law and adjust it with compassionate

consideration is the Seer.

Sentiment - Rhythmic sensation in our body creates Sentiment.

Sin - Doing that which makes one fall from existence is Sin.

Society - To follow the existential process gathering with the

leading impetus of the anointed Advent and to be adjusted

accordingly with every propitious co-adjusted enthusiastic

act and admiration is the essence of Society.

Sound - Sound is the beginning beverage of the universe.

Spirit - Respiring energetic urge for the stay of existence is


Spiritualism - The ideas and activities that lead man towards the

cause are Spiritualism.

Success - Success is the sauce of enjoyment.

Surat - The magnetic pull of love may be called `Surat' or word


Surrender - To render above or again.

Tapa - Be thou honest with apt sincerity, act, struggle, skilful

attitude and apt requisites and acquire thy objective with

honest performance – this acquisition is Tapa.

Tenacity - Tenacity is what enunciates one's inner energetic


Tirtha - The place on going to which the knots of the mind are

untied and solved is Tirtha – place for pilgrimage.

Treachery - Treachery, thy name is ingratitude.

Truth - That which keep our being firm and compact is true to us.

Understand - To stand under someone.

University - Where varieties arrive with a meaning at unity – it is


Utsav - The ceremonial function which extols the being and begets

prosperity is Utsav.

Virtue - Doing that what preserves existence is Virtue.

Yoga - Attachment to One or concentrated inclination is called Yoga.

Worship - Worth ship.



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