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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Vrigu Samhita Forecast of Shri Shri Thakur

Source: `Bhrigu Samhita'. Readings on Sri Sri Thakurji's horoscope. This `Bhrigu Samhita' ( after copying) was brought by Sushil Bose, on instructions from Sri Sri Thakurji, from the library of the King of Kashmir.

About the previous life of Sri Sri Thakurji

Aaseet purvabhave kaschit
murdhaja Bang-khandakai
surdhunee samipetat
shyamang naati dirghakam

Toyantrikam vrithaya cha

Vidyahinah mahamatih
Gita naade parapreetih
Janke naiva taaditah.

He was born in his previous birth in a part of Bengal . He was dark-complexioned And was not of a tall height. He was uneducated but high-minded and `music & sound' was his favourite subject. He used to be chastised on this account by his parents.

Tatvagyani shodashaccha
Khanetatr munisattam

Mahatatvam sukham praapya
Sarva asha vinirmukhah

Paramhans padarudha

Samdarshi mahabhagah
Abheda loshtri kanchane.

Achieving the highest knowledge he abandoned all expectations of earthly peace and happiness. He attained Paramhans-hood through acute sadhana (spiritual pursuits). There was no difference to him between iron & gold.

Vittamadhye ruchinaiva
Darpanchat prithakpunah

Pritropakshat prithakchaiva
Sansaroccha prithak abhut.

Nari chinta na vai swapne
Matrivat pashyati swatah

Matribhavat mahasiddhi
Bahu shishya suveshtitah.

He had no craving for earthly desires. He used to stay away from His parents & family.

He had never, even in His dreams, thought of a woman & used to look at all women as mothers. In His sadhana (spiritual pursuits) of motherhood, He achieved siddhi. He used to stay surrounded by many disciples.

Apurva tasya cheshtapi
Mukhorpi tatvabhashak

Swalp dhyane mahapragyah
Gudh tatvarth tatva-vit

Samadhau cha vyatha cha taata
Pramada kanchanadibhih

Sparshamatre vikritanga
Shoolviddhavat tada.

Through His wonderful efforts the illiterate and the uneducated could talk about the ultimate truth. He was the knower of the Truth and the highest wisdom with very little

Meditation. If His body touched gold or woman, His limbs used to feel acute piercing pain.

Shaktihinoabhvat tasmat
Galrogat mritottare

He, at last, lost His strength and died of a disease of the throat.

[ Note- This entire description matches with that of Ramkrishna Paramhans. He had died of throat-cancer. ]

Punarjanm dhara-pristhe

Shishyanam palane yenta
Vardhabne rakshen tatha.

Shishyarthe janmvai tasya
Shishyarthe punarjjani

He was born again on earth to bring up and protect the disciples with care. He was born again to impart knowledge to His disciples & devotees.

Bhadramase site pakhse

Punargata vai urvvi
Shishyanam gyan hetave.

He comes back in the month of Bhadra for the sake of the knowledge of disciples.

[ Note- Sri Sri Thakurji's advent took place on 30th Bhadra, Bengali year 1295, that is 15th September 1888.]

About present life

Vidyavan keertiman shriman
Dhandhau bahushrutvan

He is learned, reputed, rich & widely known.

Saarvabhauma shishyamadhye
Bhaudeshe cha keertibhak.

Mantravadi shabdabehdi
Pisacchocchatne patuh.

He is knower to His disciples with high reputation in many parts universally.

He deals with `mantras', `Shabda-bhedi' ( one who can penetrate sound) and expert in uprooting `pisachas' (devils).

Mridubhashi suvidwanscha
Dayavan kshamavan tatha

Dharmabuddhi shashtraviccha
Ganitshashtravit tatha.

He is soft spoken, higly learned, kind hearted & merciful.

He is knower of Dharma ( eternal principles of life & growth), all scriptures & mathematical science.

ApataNadapi shashtragyah
Rasayandi siddhivak

Gunvan rupvan saumya
Yanvahan saurathyukt

Though unread, He is knower of the scriptures, and speaks with accuracy about chemical sciences.

He is possessed of high qualities, with attractive physical features. He is dignified with comforts of vehicles & carriers.

Shrshtayogi naadsiddhah
Brahhmvit vedvidambarah

Rajvat vibhavat chasya
Rajvat shsihyavai bahu

He is Yogi of the highest order, being `Nad-siddha' ( controller of sound) & knower of Brahm ( the Supreme Being) and the Vedas.

He has princely wealth and many many disciples.

Tapah jyotih dhyani gyani
Shshtragudharth tatvavit

He shines in `Tapa' mediatation & wisdom and is the knower of the deep real meaning of the scriptures.

Yadi mrityu nivarteta
Swechhaya munisattam

Ichhamrityu ayam Sriman
Mitayu amitayuh hi

If death comes, it will be on the wishes of the greatest Muni ( Sage) Himself.

His death will be at His own will, whether its curtailed life or unlimited longevity.

About Rebirth
Punaravartana chasya
Jeevorvve shishya hetave

Paritranaya jeevanaam
Aartanam cha visheshatah.

Laghu putrasya grihe punah
Aatmanan karya gaurvaat.

His rebirth has to come for the upliftment of creation, for the welfare of His disciples & to redeem the creatures, particularly the miserable sufferers.

His advent takes place again in the family of His youngest son, for the glory of His mission.

[ Note- Rev. Dr. P.R. Chakraborty, alias Rev. Kajal da, is the youngest son of Sri Sri Thakurji. His only son was born on 15 January 1971. Name ' Ananyachandra Chakraborty' . Referred to as "Anant Sri Baba" He is being followed as the Living Ideal, the Sadguru. Right from birth His speech & actions reveal the Supreme Divine Light & His Leela surpasses all. Abhorring all publicity & keeping Himself away from much exposure He is blazing forth in guiding His disciples on the path of very high levels of spiritual pursuits, towards bringing about the final solution of all the problems of the world which is now facing the biggest crisis... the crisis of existence.]


Sagar Sonar said...

I am sorry to say but there has been some manupulation with the vrigu samhita's calculation regarding Sri Sri Thakur in this post which seems to me a propaganda to draw the attention of the Satsangi's towards the fals followers of the Lord, i gone throug two scripts on the refered subject in two diffrent books. I can firmly say that You peopls are nothing but a cheat. Stop misguideing peoples .

Sumit Majumder said...

Which book did you gone through. That vrigu samhita it you collected from market is not true itself. As original one is still kept in King of Kashmir's Library and our govt was unable to publish. Sri sushil bose has copiied from original and came back to thakur. he himself has not broughT THE ORIGINAL ONE.