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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Satsang Shri Mandir

Query by Anindita Majumdar  in face book  Universal satsang forum

Here's something which I feel is very unfortunate!
Is there any provision regarding the number of mandirs in a particular area(according to the population, area etc). If not, then there must be.!  In small towns having very small populations and areas, there are surprisingly 3 or 4 satsang vihars.!
> Question may arise in your 'intelligent' minds - 'WHY SHOULD I BOTHER'?
 > This is because, when there are 3 or 4 satsang kendras in a small place, there the common satsangees face problems.
 Somdays ago, i visited my grandparent's place in a small town of north bengal. I was surprised to find 5 mandirs there!
 The unfortunate thing is - when we went to invite some satsangees for an Adhiveshan there, this is what most of them told -
 Even, i was astonished to find that all the Mandirs were continuously involved in a 'COLD WAR' like situation!
 Is this the symbol of a Satsangee? Is this what Thakur wanted us to be???  

My  views  ---------   on prayer hall and place of congregation of devotees
You said

 “Is there any provision regarding the number of mandirs in a particular area(according to the population, area etc). If not, then there must be.!”

Ans --  You said  mandir  and not SHRIMANDIR (although subsequent postings refer to Shri Mandir alone).

Those person managing present set up of Satsang  organistion might have laid down some guidelines or criteria and even some standard designs for the temple to be known as Shri Mandir.  Very well and nice attempt as this ill help the devotees in visualizing what will be the look of the temple. But this not binding on any devotees for constructing Satsang Mandir  or prayer place of devotees.  There is no saying  (to my knowledge) of thakur to follow any design or specific design of prayer  place. Devotees are free to collect in group and make a prayer place and put Shri shri thakur’s picture or statue at the altar and start praying regularly, offer bhog, perform regular prayer and arati as per daily schedule of thakurbari. Can anybody find anything wrong in this?  Only thing important is that we should follow in toto WHAT THAKUR SAID AND HIS SAYINGS.  Another point  NO PARMISSION IS NEEDED FROM ANY BODY FROM ANY WHERE TO MAKE A PRAYER PLACE OF SHRI SHRI THAKUR. Only thing needed is a collective sankalpa for making a holy prayer place for the purpose of individual sadhana and collective propagation of thakur’s ideal  ---  why a formal permission is need to perform such a secred act.  There may be many  prayer places at one locality. And this will help our objective of propagating Thakur’s ideal.  But if you wish to call it a shri mandir then you are to  go through all the formalities laid by the present Head of Satsang organization including obtaining permission.  Even then I don’t find anything wrong in making a number of Shri mandir’s in any locality. This will go in a long way in propagating ideal of Shri Shri Thakur provided we donot enter into any unhealthy competition on this matter.

I request earnestly the learned viewer of this blog may post there comments  even though they  may not agree to above.  Any criticism will be entertained.

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