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Monday, September 13, 2010

Thakurji Speaks with Mr. Capel Briton

One Mr. Capel Briton, a young Englishman has been living at Satsang Ashram, Pabna for a few days. He has an intense spiritual yearning and he wants to get certain points clarified by private talks with Sri Sri Thakur Anukulchandra. Sri Sri Thakur is seated on the portico of Marti-Mandir. Capel comes here with Prafulla Kumar Das and expresses his desire. Sri Sri Thakur asks others to vacate the place. Mr. Das stays on to act as an interpreter.

• Capel: I do not have the good quality you ascribe to me. I would like to know how that lovely quality can develop in me.

• Sri Sri Thakur (smilingly): That you are eager to awaken it within you is an ample proof of the fact that it is inherent in your nature. But it is to be nurtured and the more it is nurtured, the more it grows. Lord Jesus is Love-Incarnate, and the more our love to Him intensifies the more it spreads over the world. Otherwise we can not succeed in cultivating love ; our love becomes dissipated in wrong directions under the sway of passions. Its purity cannot be maintained.

• Capel: I seek to love Lord Jesus, but I cannot feel Him within me. Moreover I cannot understand what place love occupies in this world torn by war and restlessness.

• Sri Sri Thakur: If you get a devotee who loves the Lord in thoughts, words and deeds, observes His teachings and tenets in his daily life and is completely absorbed in Him then you can easily realize the Lord through him by following him properly. He cannot be understood by reading of books and imagination. We can feel Him to some degree by seeing a living man, who has imbibed Him in his character and whose heart is fully set on Him. Of course mere seeing is not enough ; he is to be practically followed with love. What is required is unconditional surrender. Because if I follow his instructions as far as they are to my liking and discard them when they are not, then any complexes do not get adjusted. We cannot relish or understand many of directions because of complexes. Complex does not let us understand. The reason we boast of so much does not help us to a great degree. Because reason moves according to complex and sentiment. So we should obey His mandate without any hesitancy or consideration. Whether His instructions appeal to us or not, if we go on obeying them inspite of ourselves, we can subsequently understand the logic of His instructions. In course of doing this we learn to discover and adjust our submerged complexes. So complete transmutation of personality can not be effected without following the guidance of a Seer. Many unwarrantable traits lurk in our character. Even if good qualities become manifest, the desire for self-gratification predominates there. So real elevation of being is not achieved. ¬And the enormous restlessness and the conflict of the world stem from lack of Ideal-Centeredness. If we could move centering round Lord Christ and if we could inspiringly attract men towards Him, then the state of affairs would have been different. Every man would have the interest of every other man. Nobody would imagine killing another. To kill another is to destroy the foundation of one's own existence. You should bear in mind that the Advents are all bedewed with the attributes of providence and it is they who are Christs. Christs means anointed.

• Capel: Even if man does not love God, he may love man. Man's love for man is a very common thing. Moreover I have seen that almost every individual has this tendency. Despite that why should violence and hatred dominate the world?

• Sri Sri Thakur: As there is love in man, so also there is hatred in him. Someone should be held aloft before man by loving whom his tendency of love becomes strong and his hatred and jealousy become adjusted and controlled. So if Lord is not infused in man, he can not advance very far with his own assets. It does not become feasible for him to master the amount of toleration, endurance, acquaintance with individual distinctiveness and sense of proportion, which is essential for mutual harmonious relation.

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