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Monday, August 6, 2012

Varna System - As Viewed by Shri Shri Thakur

From --   Pankaj Kumar
The Utility of Varna System :-----Sri Sri Thakur Anukulchandra.

Social-classification on the basis of stable hereditary instinct and distinctiveness combined with provision for hereditary occupation in tune with the same constitutes the crucial criterion of Varna System. Every well-breed individual is a unique asset to the society according to his instinct and distinctiveness. He has something special to do and contribute to humanity which cannot be accomplished by anyone else. In this respect the Varna System has no connection with so-called casteism in which hatred and discord predominate. The word “Jati” is the Bengali synonym for the English word race or ethnic group. From the stand point the whole of the Indian Hindu Society is simply one of the branches of Aryan race.

The Varna system is a scientific gradation of human beings, which justifies every individual existence, so far as his role in the fulfillment of some specific practical nee
d of the society and the world-order is concerned. So, it is not a new invention, rather it is a discovery and immanent and spontaneously active truth of the cosmic order and the practical application of the same in the organization and management of the Human society.

Every individual has some ability according to his nature. The fulfilling ability of every individual and every class is an indispensable necessity for the protection of the existence and interest of all others. Without the specific service of a particular Varna the life cycle of all others may be put out of gear at any moment. It holds well in respect of the service of every particular Varna.

The Varna system presupposes a social pattern in which no class can go on without the service of any other class. Thus different Varnas have to be normally interdependent and inter-interested. Under these circumstances, mutual love, service, co-operation and amity come to exist in the society quite naturally. Wherever an opposite tendency is found, that is to be regarded as a distortion springing from ignorance. That is no integral part of the science of Varna. Varna has sought to establish every individual and every class in a position of unique and extra-ordinary dignity in the society according to his distinctiveness.

It has again endeavour to definitely point out his proper place and divinely ordained function in the universe, where he is unparalleled and singular, without the efficient and benign active co-operation of whom the whole world may be flooded with an upheaval of indiscipline and chaos. The creator has desired every man to be installed in unique glory and in tune with that Varna System, has constantly and consistently attempted to highlight and enshrine the paramount importance of individuals by introducing and emphasizing a kind of existential individual liberty, which is a perfect accord with the Ideal and the environment.

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