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Monday, August 13, 2012

Thakur on Holy Name and Naami

From Shroddeya Barun-da's posting in Facebook on 14 Aug 2012

On The Holy Name and Living Ideal

Holy name is the vibratory image of the causative being. This Holy Name is evolved into you, me and everything else in this world. He who is the causative Being is transformed into spiritual and material planes. We cannot but think of Purus and Prakriti while contemplating on the process of creation. Science describes it as ‘positive’ and ‘negative’. There is attraction and repulsion, expansion and contraction between positive and negative. Vibration springs out of it, followed by action and reaction. Thus out of mutual conflict, addition and alternation, creation moves on multiplying in a rhythmic manner. Each rhythm is unique in itself. So we see no two things are exactly similar, each is specific. Guild of such similar instincts is called ‘Varna’. Hence ‘Varna’ is not man-made. This is ingrained in the creation. On the whole, due to interaction within the vibration conflict and counter-conflict is going on throughout the universe. In this process creation is constantly moving ever renewing itself in up heaving shoot from causative plane to spiritual and thence to material. If one has to proceed to causative plane he has to pass through the material and spiritual planes and should follow the path of eternal vibration, which has reached its present state after passing through a series of vicissitudes and trekking a very long and arduous path. Holy Name is the élan vital of the vibration; Essence of any vibration is present in the Holy Name. So it is aptly called nameless Name. if you culture this Holy name properly with adherence to the Ideal then your past will be unfolded before you. You can go right up to the root. For instance, suppose a bunch of rope is lying before you, one end of the rope is tied with some tree; you do not know which tree it is tied with. If you wish to know as to which tree the rope is connected, then you have to go ahead holding the rope. Exactly in the same process the Holy Name (Nam) and the Nami, the personified Holy Name or a Living Ideal is our only guide along this unknown path.
Living Ideal (Nami) is he, who is the conscious manifestation of the Holy Name, who has realized it, in nutshell, in whom the Holy Name is ever enlivened, materialized and sustained. His perception of the creation is based on the realization of the Holy Name only. So it has become meaningful to him accordingly. Thought, speech and action has been accordingly well adjusted on co-ordination with the environment and the success of its existence and growth. If we want to achieve success in or life through the holy Name, then it is possible by following the living Ideal (Nami).
The holy Name will never become potent in us without having active involvement with the ideal. So it is said “to meditate on him with its meaning”. Meaningful meditation means to grow up according to one’s own distinctive traits like him in whom the holy Name manifests itself in splendid specter. Meditation connotes one’s simultaneous active growth not only indulgence in idle contemplation. To become something, one needs a living model (Ideal) of the same before oneself. By following His guidance only one can become like Him, according to one’s specific traits. So the basic thing is active libido concentration and adherence for Him. Now you can find out for yourself as to how the Living ideal is absolutely essential.

Comment from Mrinal Pal

Thanks very much Barun for this highly intellectual  and  comment of very high spiritual meaning. Really I am speechless in expressing my emotion. Thanks once again.

Some more comments below 

"The holy name  has been given out by the Supreme Being Himself. It resounds in splendid refulgence in the higher spheres and can be heard within themselves by those who perform devotion by practicing Surat Shabd Yoga according to the instructions given by the Supreme Being Himself.

All obstacles thrown in the way and traps laid by Universal Mind and Matter to stop or interfere with the progress of a pilgrim to the high mansion of the Supreme Being in pure spiritual regions disappear at once on the pronunciation of the holy name  by the devotee; such is the immediate effect and beneficial influence exercised by this Almighty Name. It at once strikes awe and terror in the heart of the conflicting agents and revolting forces met with by the devotee while traversing the material regions and gradually removes them altogether from his path.

The holy name  signifies both the Supreme Being and the original Spirit or Sound current (or Word) which emanated from His Holy Feet, and which is the prime factor and principal agent in the whole creation." ---------     Somaiji Maharaj of Soamibag Agra.

Ref --- 

"The ultimate reality is Holy Name. In Hinduism and its branches the ultimate reality is Brahman and Isvara. Brahman is considered to be the highest reality in Vedanta. The founders of Satsang, Agra, however, came forward with a new concept. According to them, The Brahman of Vedanta is limited to the second grand division of the creation whom they call "spiritual-material region". They hold that the Brahman is not the true Supreme Being or the highest reality because he is not perfectly free from mind and matter. They assert that though spiritual components predominate in Brahman, there is Maya latent in the seed form and a Supreme Reality having the least admixture of Maya cannot be styled as the highest truth. They envisaged the highest and the first grand division of creation as the region of the true Supreme Being who is absolutely spiritual and totally free from mind and matter. Such a Supreme Being they have named as Holy Name. In view of the said difference between Holy Name and Brahman, the meaning of the word is not Krishna. A casual observer however gets confused and straightway starts interpreting it for Krishna as Farquhar did when he observed : "It is necessary also to realize that the real meaning of Holy Name is Krishna."

(Excerpt from official website of Satsang, Soamibag, Agra, U.P.)

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kanti pal said...

Central to the teachings of Satsang and surat shabd yoga is the necessity of a living human master who is competent in initiating disciples into the practice and technique of listening to the inner sound ( bhajan ), contemplating the inner light ( dhyan ), and leaving the human body at will ( dying while living). Although there are theological differences and some minor technical variances in the different Satsang groups, the basic tenets of the tradition are as follows: 1. The practice of surat shabd yoga (between two and three hours of meditation daily). 2. Obedience to the living master who initiates the disciple into the path. 3. A pure moral life which includes abstinence from meat, fish, eggs, alcohol, drugs, and sex outside of marriage. 4. The firm conviction that jivan mukti (liberation or enlightenment while living) is possible under the guidance of a realized saint or mystic.
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