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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

True Meaning of Surrender

Kritiranjan Nath Anurag - SUPREME LOVE

12th August,1964.
Nirala Nibesh, Thakur bunglow.

Robert(Bob) : What happens when one has surrendered himself to the Ishta (ideal)?

Thakur: Then, the concern towards the Ishta becomes prominent in his life. His eyes, nose, face everything reaveals the sayings and features of the Ishta. Sadhana comes to him automatically. He experiences seeing and feeling. He wants everything of Ishta to be perfectly beautiful and acts accordingly.
The word 'SURRENDER' has two parts: 'SUR' means above and 'RENDER' means 'to give'. I have submitted myself on the feet of Ishta that means I have become completely HIS own. To surrender to Christ means to accept Christ. Why have I accepted HIM? Only to love and serve HIM. Hence Christ lies above everything. Surrender is the topmost position of love. Your each and every facial expression shall witness your love towards HIM, and you shall act automatically. Untottering love towards the Ishta shall make you like that.
Robert Bob Cumming became spell-bound by listening to Thakur. After spending a few days at the Ashram, he took initiation from Respected Sushil da on 27th August, 1964. As Dikshapranami Professor Cumming reverendly submitted a large Moonstone in Thakur's hands. Thakur took it in hands and asked to hand it over to S.S Boroma. Boroma took it in her hands and said, "What is this thing? It's so beautiful! "
After doing pranam to Thakur and Baroma, Bob Cumming said, "Thakur, you guide me." To this Thakur smilingly replied, "YOU LOVE ME AND THAT LOVE WILL DICTATE YOU HOW TO BE GUIDED."

¤NOTE: Professor Robert Bob Cumming was an American devotee of Thakur and a professor. He helped the author (Sri Manilal Chakraborty) in editorial work of 'The Message'.

Ref.[Smritir Maala] by Sri Manilal Chakraborty. 
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